Photo Facials

We use the Jeisys Smooth Cool which is a high powered medical grade IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machine.  The IPL emits a range of lightwaves that depending on the settings chosen, are able to target areas of concern.  Typically IPL is used for sun damage, pigmentation, age spots, broken capillaries, diffused redness, Rosacea and acne.  The light beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by either melanin (the brown spots) or hemoglobin (vessels).  The result is coagulation of the vessel or breaking down of the melanin.  Leaving behind nice even healthy looking skin. 

As a general rule, for best results we recommend a series of a minimum of 3 treatments, at 4-6 week intervals.  


Photo Facial (Pigmentation/Sun Damage/Age Spots)

Great for age prevention. Increases collagen production and evens skin tone.  Effectively treats pigmentation/sun damage/age spots and increases collagen without downtime.  The spots will appear darker post treatment, forming a slight scab which will then slough off within 2-3 weeks.

$250/Treatment    $635/pkg of 3    $1200/pkg of 6


Rosacea/Redness/Broken Capillaries (with IPL)

IPL treatment cannot cure Rosacea, however, it will help with the annoying symptoms - the most common being, diffused redness and telangectasias.  3-4 treatments at 3-6 week intervals are recommended.  However, results will be evident with only 1 treatment.

$250/Treatment    $635/pkg of 3    $1200/pkg of 6


Photo Rejuvenation - Melasma and Sensitivities

This treatment produces great results for these more specific conditions - however, due to the sensitivity of these skin types, treatment packages are recommended for best results.  These conditions take time to rectify.  With each treatment subtle differences will be noted.

$275/Treatment    $810/pkg of 3    $1320/pkg of 6


Acne - Smooth Cool IPL

Acne is a disease without a cure, however, there are many treatments and products that do help the condition - IPL is one of them.  It is very effective in destroying the bacteria in the skin causing fewer breakouts and smoother skin.  Even with just one treatment there is a significant difference.

$250/Treatment    $635/pkg of 3    $1200/pkg of 6


We all know that 50 is the new 30! A healthy lifestyle of good food, love and exercise go a long way...but what really takes the years off is my skin care specialist!! I have been using the services at Freedom Medi Spa for the past 3 years and my skin and appearance are better for it. The Intracel has reversed years off my life...that in combination with the Smooth Cool IPL (Photo Facial) to reverse brown spots, has given me a great results. I have had 2 treatments to date and look forward to one more in the fall. The results are immediate and my down time has been minimal. Cover up and the skin care products recommended allowed me to manage my look for public appearances. :)
— Linda, Toronto
When I first ventured a relationship with Freedom Medi Spa, my face skin was in desperate need of repair work. Years of sun worship in my teens and 20’s had produced many brown spots, red spider veins around my nose and deep crow lines around my eyes. I knew I had to start looking for reverse treatments and resort to sunny afternoons in the shade. I heard about Daniela through a work associate and started treatments after a consultation with her, and discussing her wide array of options. I started with Microdermabrasion treatments which started to breakdown problem blackhead areas and uneven skin tone. As my skin reacted well, I ventured in to the laser options. Through multiple treatments with both the INTRAcel and the IPL, problem areas are clearing up. All spider veins have been permanently removed, brown sun spots have been reduced (I did my face, arms, neck and chest) and have diminished crow lines. The investment in treatments has paid off significantly. The results are far better than I expected – I can actually go out without ANY make-up or cover-up on my face. This is something I would never have considered when I first started attending Freedom Medi Spa. The technology is little to non-invasive and my down time has been next to nothing. I would plan the IPL or INTRAcel for a Thursday or Friday and allow for a couple of days for the redness to dissipate…I say that, but in all honesty, I went to work the next day myself and no one noticed.
— Rosalind, Toronto
I have been a client of Freedom Medi-Spa from the beginning and with Daniela for 15 years. I trust all the services offered by the spa and in Daniela and Vanessa implicitly. That’s why I recently tried the photo facial treatment. After my first treatment, I noticed a change immediately. My skin tone is more even and radiant and my paleness gone. In the past, I would never consider going out without my foundation on, but now I have no problem skipping it. In my second treatment, my broken capillaries were targeted and I am very pleased with the results. I no longer have to wear concealer around my nose and some areas of my cheeks to hide those embarrassing looking veins. My friends and family have noticed the difference too!
I would recommend the photo facial treatment without hesitation to anyone wanting to look fresher and rejuvenated. It truly makes a difference!
— Mary, Richmond Hill
After just one IPL treatment my complexion showed a marked improvement. My uneven skin tone, broken capillaries, and open pores seemed to vanish. Overall I noticed this youthful, radiant glow. I can honestly say my skin has not looked this good in years.
— Donna, Markham
After only 3 sessions of IPL Skin Rejuvination (for Melasma), with Vanessa at Freedom Medi-Spa, the results are amazing and so promising! The procedure is easy and pain free. Based on my experience I absolutely recommend this treatment. Vanessa is friendly yet professional in her approach, which makes for a very comfortable experience at the Spa.
— Deborah, Richmond Hill
I am a new client to Freedom Medi-Spa and I am being treated by Daniela. We are trying to help improve the look of some persistent dark patches on my cheeks, upper lip and chin due to Melasma. From the moment I met Daniela I could immediately tell that she is genuine, and honest. She is extremely knowledgeable and informative and has a great way of explaining skin care procedures. Daniela truly possesses all of the qualities you want from someone who will be treating your FACE. It’s a really big deal.
We are making progress and I am confident in saying that once this series of treatments is complete, I will only use Freedom Medi-Spa for any other procedures I choose to have done in the future. There is no one else that I could trust more with my skin care needs.
Without hesitation I would recommend Freedom Medi-Spa to my friends and family.
— Lisa, Richmond Hill
Regarding my recent Photo Facial/IPL experience, so far I must say I’m very impressed, only had two treatments so far, but the difference it has made to the appearance of my skin is visibly noticeable, even to the men that I know! After reading reviews about how painful it could be, I was not surprised that under the gentle hand of Daniela, it wasn’t at all painful. I highly recommend this treatment for sun damaged skin and overall redness and capillaries. So happy to see Daniela again with the best treatments!
— Adele, Maple